Balzac’s Coffee

Honoré de Balzac, one of history’s consummate coffee aficionados, is a prolific and celebrated 19th century French novelist. His prodigious output was famously fueled by copious cups of strong, black coffee consumed throughout the night. Balzac’s Coffee Roasters takes its name from this man, sharing his keen passion for the beverage.

Balzac’s cafés are located around Ontario and are modelled after the grand cafés of Paris, bringing this elegant and sophisticated celebration of coffee back to Canada. Balzac’s values are infused with everything in this unique café experience. Artisanal, Sustainable, Local and Natural are the four cornerstones of the business practice.

I identify strongly with the values of Balzac’s, our shared passion for good design, the quality of product, and also with Honoré de Balzac’s consumption habits of this delicious drink. Those who are close to me are well aware of the passion I have for good coffee. I use it to fuel my creative process in my architecture projects and also to extend my working hours long into the next morning. I regularly drink coffee to keep mentally sharp before training and competitions.

Balzac’s will be providing me with a coffee subscription, sending freshly roasted beans, where ever in the world I may be. I am excited to work with Balzac’s and to help grow this company full of kindred spirits.

Check out Balzac’s coffee subscriptions service.

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