Building a Hobbitmobile

Building My First House!
To get in the best possible shape for the up coming Olympics and Pan-Am Games, I decided to live predominantly in Europe to get access to the best venues. I figured that the most cost effective way to do this would be to live in a caravan and merge my accommodation and travel costs.

I traveled to Cardiff to meet up with a friend who helped me for for 10 days to try and find and outfit a suitable camper. The priorities were reliability, safety, comfort, and also to have a great marketing tool for sponsors (in that order). Nothing that we were looking at met all four of those requirements so we decided that the only way to do it would be to build something from scratch. Using Canadian design and building materials combined with British engineering and know-how, we worked for 7 straight days to source, insure, design, and construct every component for a homemade demountable camper.

I am eternally grateful for the amount of help, determination, and enthusiasm I received from Adam Benjamin Lloyd Williams through this entire project.

In the next few days I will launch a website that will document the build process as well as all of the adventures to follow.