Two World Cup Finals

My goal this year was to make a world cup final.  I knew I had the ability to make it through last year but I ended up with two top 15s instead.  Finally this year I broke through and made two finals in a row increasing my personal best from 12th to 10th and again to 7th.  In both finals runs I had big mistakes that cost me medals but what is so incredibly exciting is that I am now in contention for them.
The race in Tacen, Slovenia was my first ever world cup final and I went into the last run sitting in 6th place.  I was on pace with the race leader up until gate 15, which is 2/3rds the was downy he course.  I was slow to react to a changing piece of water and missed my line.  After this mistake I had a solid bottom section of the run but I had lost too much time with the missed line.  I ended the race with a new personal best of a 10th place finish.
The race in Prague, Czech Republic I made my second consecutive finals.  I qualified for the medal run sitting in 7th and had slightly changed my race plan with my coach.  Heading into the first upstream, I opted for different approach to navigating the gate.  It ended up being much faster but I narrowly grazed the pole on my exit adding two seconds to the run.  After that gate touch, I thought that I would have to pull out something brilliant to make up that time for a medal so I took more risks trying to paddle on the absolute fastest lines possible.  This gamble ultimately didn’t pay off but I am still happy that I took the chance.  I would have been more disappointed with a slow and safe run than I would be with a mistake made while going for the win.  I still ended up with a new personal best with a 7th place finish.
I owe so much to Sherri Audet at Motion Works Physiotherapy for getting me injury free for this race.  I have been learning this sport for 12 years and having a body that doesn’t hurt will be the final piece of the puzzle that will allow me to get on that podium.